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Call for papers and/or talks

Cyber and Threat Intelligence Summit 2022 (CTIS) is a 2-day summit gathering all the experts, analysts, users and contributors to cyber and threat intelligence at large. CTIS includes the original MISP summit along with all other practices around threat intelligence. A strong focus will be given on projects bridging intelligence communities together and also open source related project. The conference will be a main track of talks composed of one day for intelligence (models, processes, methodologies, defensive and sharing practices…) and one day for tooling (threat intelligence platform such as MISP, interconnecting tools and processes, producing actionable intelligence… ).

The CTIS conference takes physically place in Luxembourg (October 19 - 20 2022).

The format of the talks during CTIS are composed of 20-minutes maximum with a 10-minutes Q&A session. The goal is foster collaboration and live discussions. The sessions will be video recorded except if the presenter doesn't accept.

Complementary papers, article and presentation are highly encouraged for participants who are willing to have more insight about the presentation given.

Topics of interest

  • Open source tooling used in threat intelligence including new tools or development of existing tools
  • Threat intelligence processes
  • Successes and failures in creating threat intelligence processes
  • Use of open source tools (such as MISP) into SOC, CSIRT or any security organisation or intelligence community to support threat intelligence processes
  • Interoperability between threat intelligence tools (open source and proprietary)
  • Improving and evaluating quality of threat intelligence at large
  • Share lessons learnt in the intelligence domains including analysis processes, analytical methods and/or techniques
  • Lessons and challenges while performing intelligence analysis
  • Successes and failures in data modelling for intelligence
  • Share experiences in information and intelligence sharing including building communities, tooling, social interactions
  • Improving skills in intelligence domain such as threat analysis, collection and dissemination
  • Integrating OSINT, HUMINT, *INT into threat intelligence processes

The above list of topics is not exhaustive and other related topics are welcomed.

Selected talk/presentation/paper

For the selected talks/presentations/papers, authors will get a free access to the conference.

The language of the conference is English.

Welcome to the Cyber and Threat Intelligence Summit (CTIS-2022) submissions site. For general conference information, see https://www.cti-summit.org/.


The deadline for registering submissions has passed.